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Sunday, November 29, 2009

MCJC General Assembly Supports MC 12-10!

On November 23, 2009, delegates from middle schools across the county gathered at Gaithersburg Middle School for the the the Montgomery County Junior Councils (MCJC) - the County Middle School SGA - General Assembly to take action on MC 12-10.

The General Assembly unanimously approved legislation to support MC-12-10. The legislation is reproduced here:

0910-GA-01: SMOB Expanded Voting Rights

Whereas: The student member is experienced, responsible, and knowledgeable and deserves to contribute to all aspects of the decision making process; and

Whereas: The student member has first-hand interaction with students, teachers, administrators, and parents each and every school day, allowing the student member to see how board policy affects students at the grassroots level; and

Whereas: The students are the greatest stakeholders in the educational process yet they have the least representation and the Student Member’s vote will encourage the Board of Education to have a stronger consensus that should create a stronger sense of unity among the Board; and

Whereas: The students are not a special interest group - students are the reason for the educational system; and

Whereas: Expanded voting rights gives respect to the student opinion not previously allowed, a greater appreciation for the function of the school board, and an understanding of the student role in decision making; and

Whereas: The Student Member prepares in the same manner as the adult board members (reading the agenda, researching, etc.) and communicates and seeks input from students; and

Whereas: The student member participates in the day-to-day school routine, therefore allowing the student member to truly experience the effects of Board decisions; and

Whereas: Expanded voting rights will create a culture of respect where the student’s voice is truly heard and respected; be it hereby

Resolved: That MCJC supports Bill MC 12-10 allowing expanded voting rights for the student member of the Board of Education to include school closing, boundary changes, and budget items (everything except negative personnel items); and be it further

Resolved: That MCJC support the expanded voting rights by lobbying government groups including the Montgomery County delegation (Delegates/Senators) to the Maryland General Assembly.

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