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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Voting Rights Timeline

A lot of people have asked for a history behind the SMOB's voting powers as MC 12-10 comes to a vote this late January. Here is a brief timeline of the events leading up to this historic moment. Students have been fighting for the right of their SMOB to be equal to the other members of the Board for over three decades. Like I have stated over and over again, if the bill passes through the Montgomery County Delegation, this will be a historic moment in student advocacy in the State of Maryland. Students will finally have a powerful voice in their own education.

History of the Montgomery County SMOB:

1975 - MCPS Board of Education considers creation of the SMOB Position
1977 - Maryland General Assembly amended Section 3-701 of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of the Public General Laws of Maryland to create a nonvoting student seat on the Board of Education
1978 - First SMOB is elected, David Naimon, by MCR and MCJC (County Student Government)
1982 - Board of Education allowed first Direct Election of the SMOB
1989 - SMOB is allowed a Limited Vote by the Maryland General Assembly (what it is today)
1993 - SMOB is allowed to vote on everything by the Maryland General Assembly for 2 years (sunset provision)
1995 - SMOB's Voting Power reverts back to pre-1993 legislation and Sunset Provision is not renewed
2001 - Legislation to allow SMOB Full Voting Rights fails in the Senate Delegation
2007 - Legislation to strip SMOB of Voting Rights in Administrative Appointments (including appointment of Superintendent) fails
2009 - Legislation is proposed to allow SMOB full voting rights except Negative Personnel

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