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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Campaign for Our Future

As you know, MCPS is facing a huge budget crisis. As a result, the students of Montgomery County will be initiating what I call our "Campaign for Our Future". It will be a three-pronged approach:

1. Letter: A letter is currently being circulated among student leaders around the county. It will be a collection of our voices to the County and State about our views on the current economy and our priorities.

2. Video: As a supplement to the letter, SMOB 2.0 Staff is currently in the process of making a video to get students educated about the budget process and show County and State Officials that we care about our future. This video will be sent with the letter to the Governor, the County Executive, the County Council, and the County Delegation. But this video is going to take your help because it will feature the most important person in the school system, you.

What: We will need pictures of different people holding a sign (which can just be on regular paper) that simply says "FUTURE" on it. Make it as fancy or as plain as you want.
Specifications: The sign must be in the center of the photo; send in multiple pictures from different parts of your school; show some school spirit, show what you like most about school, and be creative!
Send to:
Deadline for Photos: January 29

It may not seem like a lot, but just sending in a picture can make a world of a difference. This campaign will be about students taking their future into their own hands, and we're going to show that literally.

3. Speak Your Voice: Finally, I will be providing you opportunities to get involved at hearings and lobbying events as the time comes. We need to make our voices heard directly by coming out to hearings and writing letters to our legislators. On February 1, we will begin our lobbying efforts and make our voices heard! These opportunities will be posted on my own blog as well as on Facebook. A Facebook group is in the process of being created. But here is the first date for you:

County Council Youth Town Hall: February 3, 2010 - 7 PM; Council Office Building at 100 Maryland Avenue Third Floor

Let's show the people of Montgomery County and Maryland that we can stand up for our rights and fight for what we believe in!


  1. As a parent of a 6th grader (who is active in a number of different activities & clubs at PARKLAND Magnet MS), I feel the need to share a link with you and the future of our country i.e. young students now. Please look at;photovideo

    And, this is the reality TODAY. Thank you for starting this campaign and I commend you on the leadership.

    Shefali Gupta
    Mother, Sareana Kimia


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