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Monday, February 15, 2010

2010-2011 Student Member of the Board!

7 Candidates have filed to become your 2010-2011 Student Member of the Board of Education. This member will have the important duty of selecting the next Superintendent as well as (hopefully!) voting on the $2 Billion+ Budget and boundaries as well as their current duties of connecting with you all and voting on policies, regulations, legal opinions, etc. And in next year's continued budget crisis, they will have an important voice in which programs and initiatives to cut or keep.

Feel free to browse around and look at their profiles here. In addition to giving their experience and a statement, all candidates were asked to answer two questions: 1. What qualities and performance goals would you consider for hiring or contract renewal of our superintendent? 2. During the current budget crisis, for what initiative or program would you advocate to keep fully funded?

On March 4, school from across the county will send delegates to the SMOB Nominating Convention where these 7 candidates will debate each other and give speeches. After convention, the candidate field will be narrowed down to two and they will begin the long process of the General Election, campaigning to all of you. You will have the chance to see them on the "Meet the Candidates" show, which I will be hosting, and see some of the most prominent questions answered.

When it comes to voting, on April 28, vote for who you think will best represent you and who you think will has the best handle of the issues to be able to navigate in the position!


  1. Hey, Tim. The Nominating Convention is actually on March 4th. I know you're extremely busy, so I'd thought I'd let you know for the benefit of the readers. Great blog and keep up the great work!


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