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Monday, February 22, 2010

MC 12-10 Passes the Senate Delegation But....

On Friday, the Montgomery County Senate Delegation of the Maryland General Assembly voted to pass MC 12-10, the bill to expand the SMOB's vote in Montgomery County, but with amendments. Various amendments throughout the bill removed the right of the student member to vote on the $2.2 Billion Operating Budget, $1.2 Billion Capital Budget, and Collective Bargaining. This left the bill with only an expansion of School Closings/Openings (permanent, not weather related), and Boundaries. [Voting List]

On Thursday, the bill will go to the County Affairs Committee of the House to review the amendments. And on Friday, the bill will go to the House Delegation who will vote on whether or not to support the amendments. If the House decides to accept the amendments, the fight is over and your SMOB will not be able to vote on the budget. However, if the House Delegation votes to re-amend the bill back, the Senate will re-discuss the bill.

Please contact your State Senator below and tell them how important this bill is! We need to send letters and emails, make calls, and visit our representatives in Annapolis! We will be running a grassroots campaign to show our elected officials that we have the ability to be the leaders of the next generation. You can use this letter as a template for your call or any emails you send to them!

Remember, why do we need voting rights? Because that's the way real change gets done. If students want better teachers, if students want certain programs, if students want better bathrooms - all these things take money. And right now the SMOB can't vote on ANY of it. The SMOB can't enact real change unless they're given the opportunity to do so! I hope that this bill passes and future SMOBs will be a powerful and resounding voice for the students, as the largest stakeholder in the system. I may not bring about changes in my term, but I hope that future SMOBs will use this opportunity that I give them to fight on behalf of the students.

To see some context here are the list of supporters and opposition. Students, state officials, local officials (almost every elected official in Montgomery County), state education leaders, teachers, and education specialists all agree that student members deserve the right to vote! It is up to you guys to show our elected officials that we truly have what it takes to be the leaders of the next generation!

Official Supporters:
Montgomery County House Delegation (19-1-1)
Montgomery County Board of Education (7-1)
Montgomery County Council
Montgomery County Executive
Montgomery County Education Association (Teacher's Union) Board
Montgomery County Region (HS County Student Government)
Montgomery County Junior Councils (MS County Student Government)
State Superintendent Nancy Grasmick
State Board of Education - supported state SMOB expansion (more expansive than MC 12-10)
Senate President Mike Miller - supported state SMOB expansion (more expansive than MC 12-10)

Official Opposition:

Contact Information (some schools repeated twice - Control+F to find school):
Senator Rona Kramer (D-14): Paint Branch, Damascus, Springbrook, Sherwood, Gaithersburg, Blake
Phone: 301-858-3625 / 410-841-3625

Senator Rob Garagiola (D-15): Wootton, Poolesville, Churchill, Clarksburg, Damascus, Northwest, Seneca Valley
Phone: 301-858-3169 / 410-841-3169

Senator Brian Frosh (D-16): Whitman, BCC, Walter Johnson, Churchill
Phone: 301-858-3124 / 410-841-3124

Senator Jennie Forehand (D-17): Rockville, Quince Orchard, Richard Montgomery, Wootton, Gaithersburg
Phone: 301-858-3134 /410-841-3134

Senator Richard Madaleno (D-18): Einstein, Kennedy, Wheaton, Blair, BCC
Phone: 301-858-3137 / 410-841-3137

Senator Mike Lenett (D-19): Magruder, Blake, Kennedy, Rockville
Phone: 301-858-3151 / 410-841-3151

Senator Jamie Raskin (D-20): Blair, Northwood, Wheaton, Edison
Phone:301-858-3634 / 410-841-3634

Senator Nancy King (D-39): Quince Orchard, Northwest, Magruder, Watkins Mill, Seneca Valley, Gaithersburg
Phone: 301-858-3686 / 410-841-3686


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