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Monday, March 1, 2010

Taskforce on Student Engagement

During my election, I promised that I would bring together all stakeholders to begin to look at ways that students could play an integral role in fighting some of the most pressing issues in our community.

Throughout the county, there is a prevailing idea that students are viewed as liabilities. The more students we have, the larger the strain on resources. On February 3, the Montgomery County Council held its very first Youth Town Hall to speak to youth about the issues they have in their communities. After the meeting, I spoke with several non-profit leaders who were interested in finding some common ground to work together in these hard economic times to really utilize and harness the power of students to target some of the most pressing issues in our county.

Today, I will be announcing my Taskforce on Student Engagement to do just that. It is my core belief that many of this County's problems can be solved through student engagement. We will look for innovative and budget-neutral solutions through volunteerism and student engagement.

We will be looking at 6 Focus Areas where we believe students will have the most impact:
  1. Political Efficacy
  2. Crime/Gangs/Drugs
  3. Mentoring/Academics
  4. Poverty/Hunger/Youth Entrepreneurship
  5. Healthcare/Teen Pregnancy/Mental Health
  6. Environment
Many problems like poverty, jobs, healthcare, etc. affect our students ability to perform and achieve. Therefore, I would like to put out a call to all stakeholders to contact me to get involved in the taskforce to engage students and solve many of the unsolved problems. Together we can truly make a difference in this county! Stay tuned for more details!

Powerpoint Presentation:

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