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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FY 2011 Budget Reconciliation Agreement

Previously, I had told you all that the proposed County Executive's Budget contained a $137.7 Million reduction to the Board of Education's proposed budget. As of today, MCPS, the County Executive and the full Council (with a recent unanimous vote) agreed to the following more cuts and changes to the budget:

Reduce Tech mod and Relocatable projects in CIP (construction budget - not operating): $4.7 million
Additional operating budget reductions for FY11: $19.7 million
Total Additional Cuts $24.4 million

Carryover from FY 10 Operating Budget for energy tax: $2.0 million

We will now have to wait for the State Board of Education's ruling on Montgomery County's Maintenance of Effort Waiver to decide whether or not MCPS will lose an additional $52 Million in state aid or not. This will bring the total FY 11 reductions to $137.7 Million + $19.7 Million = $157.4 Million with the possibility of the state Board of Education making the reductions close to $210 Million if they do not grant the Maintenance of Effort Waiver.

I will keep you all informed as the situation progresses.

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