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Friday, December 31, 2010

More Budget Facts

After some reading, I wrote up a list of important things you guys should know about this year's budget.

·         FY 2012 Proposed Operating Budget
o   $2.163 billion, increase of $59.6 million or 2.8% from FY 2011 $2.104 billion
·         Revenue sources in FY 2011
o   Revenue from county: 67.3%
o   Revenue from state: 23.2%
o   Revenue from federal government: 5.7%
o   Other: 3.8%
·         Change in revenue sources in FY 2012
o   Revenue from county: $1.497 billion, up from $1.415 billion (69.2%)
o   Revenue from state: $516 million, up from $488.6 million (23.86%)
o   Revenue from federal government: $65.56 million, down from $119.06 million (3.03%)
§  Loss of almost $54 million in federal stimulus aid
o   Other: 3.91%
·         Enrollment increase
o   Officially, there are 144,064 students
o   Projected 2012 enrollment of 146,649 – an increase of 2,585 students
·         Expenditures
o   Instructional Programs: 80.5%
o   School Support: 14.6%
o   System-wide Support: 2.3%
o   Miscellaneous (including Food Service): 2.6%
·         Reductions and Savings
o   No across-the-board class size increase
·         Maintenance of Effort
o   State law requiring county to provide local funding at least equal to the same amount last year per student
o   FY 2012 requirement is $10,664 per student
o   MCPS received a MOE waiver last year
o   County Council is the school system’s funding body – the BOE can’t tax
o   This year’s MOE requirement is $1.497 billion
o   If the County Council does not fund us at MOE, we face a penalty of up to $27 million in loss of increased state aid
·         Dr. Weast’s Recommended Budget – not definite
·         The Board of Education is holding Public Hearings on the budget on January 12th and 19th, 2011

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