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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Budget Q&A

Questions about the budget? Some common questions about the FY 2012 budget are here:

The entire Q&A is too long to include in this post, so here's an idea of the information that's there:

1. How much does a one day furlough (for all employees) save MCPS? How much does a one day furlough save if SEIU members are exempted?

Budget page reference: N/A
A one day furlough for all employees in FY 2012 will save MCPS a total of $7.17 million. This amount includes both position and non-position salaries and all associated employee benefits.
If SEIU Local 500 members are exempted from the furlough, this would reduce the above savings amount by $1.76 million.

2. How many MCPS employees receive car allowances? Total cost? How much does MCPS spend in employee mileage a year?

Budget page reference: N/A
There are 22 MCPS employees currently receiving a car allowance. The amount budgeted for car allowances in FY 2012 is $171,600. The amount budgeted in FY 2012 for both local travel and mileage reimbursement is $1,944,306. The mileage reimbursement rate effective January 2011 as issued by the Internal Revenue Service is $.51 per mile.

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